Red Pen Tool

Contextually annotate and mark-up any digital file

Have you ever printed out a piece of student work just so that you could mark it with a pen?

With Red Pen Tool, you don't need to. Through a web-browser, you mark and give feedback to any digital file – text, graphics, presentations, audio or video, just as you would with a pen, but all on-screen and seamlessly linked to your Moodle LMS.

The Red Pen Tool can be used to facilitate self assessment, peer-peer assessment, teacher assessment, and assessment verification/standardisation. Annotations can be added either in text or audio and placed contextually within the work to give directed and precise commentary on the work. Each user is assigned their own annotation colour to make it simple to track comments and feedback from different users.

Learning objectives/assessment criteria are displayed directly below the work. These can then be drag and dropped on to the work to show exactly where they are evidenced.

Here is how Red Pen Tool can help you deliver feedback to your students:

* If your institution uses Moodle 1.9 or 2.x, then you can use Red Pen Tool.

Support for other Learning Management Systems is coming soon.
** Video and audio annotation available for additional upgrade price.
*** Offer valid for orders placed prior to midnight on 31st December 2013.