by Johanna Smith & Jennifer Winant

describing the life of a settler on the Great Plains.

Life was difficult on the plains because settlers had to face many challenges each day. Building a house was a big challenge for settlers because there was not much wood available. So many families used bricks of sod that were cut out of the ground to build their houses. Even though these houses where cheap to build, they were very small and often very uncomfortable. But the houses provided the shelter that they needed.

Daily chores usually kept pioneers busy during the day. They had to mend their own clothes and hand wash them because they didn't have washing machines. The women usually prepare the meals, grew vegetables, and raised chickens or made butter in order to earn money for their families.

describe the life of farmers on the Great Plains

Farming became a family effort that required everyone to have chores every day. They would raise livestock and work hard in the fields, plowing and planting crops. Farmers also formed communities that allowed everyone to assist each other in times of need. Many pioneer communities established local churches and schools. the churches provided families a place to meet and schools were often built with the help of townspeople. In the schools, all ages of children would learn in the same class and not everyone would have a schoolbook. Since most children needed help out on their farms at home, they would go to school for part of the year. Even though pioneer life was hard at times, the new communities that they established resulted in more people finding West a nice place to live and raise a family