Leonor's Career


Personality Component

My colors are Gold and Orange. My Primary color is Gold, it represents Responsibility, Caring, and Organized. My secondary color is Orange, it represents Courage, Generous, and Witty . I am mostly Gold because I'm all about helping people when they need me the most and I take it serious. But sometimes I like to have fun so that's were orange comes in. I like to make people's day, putting a smile on their face and getting their minds off of what happened. Especially when they are kids.

Understanding myself is important because if you're confused all the time and just don't know then it's harder for yourself to be you. I want to be a Paramedic and what they go through is not what you think it's a messy job and you have to be on your feet 24/7. I encouraged myself todo something new and learn something new. If you can't understand on who you are then you are not going to have a good career choice which will ruin your life and start all over again.

Career Choices

  • What do Paramedics do?
what they do is they assess injuries, administrated emergency care, and extricate trapped individuals. Transport sick or injured people to medical facilities.

  • Educational Requirements
Certificate after high school or some college

  • Salary
The salary can range up to $31,700 per year on average

  • Job Growth
Projected 10 year growth- 23%


I would live in a one bedroom apartment with electricity together it would be $903. Phone is $47 and food is $450. For $100 I will buy work clothes because in paramedics you need to wear a uniform. Health insurance costs me $73. I will have a home bundle of $24 which let's me buy or rent movies or games. For $174.39 I would save 7% of income. For student loans I chose an Associates Degree in Public College/University in total is $92.

  • Monthly Expenses- $2,506
  • Annual Expenses- $30,077
  • Taxes (15% of Annual Expenses)- $4,512
  • Annual Salary Needed- $34,589


The school I chose was Alvin Community College which is located in Alvin, Texas. To be a Paramedic you will need 2 years of training or for a certificate you can do intermediate for 18 credit hours or Paramedic certificate for 40 credit hours. Cost of tuition would be $1,006. I will live off campus in a small apartment in Alvin which will cost me $594 and food will cost me $450. I chose this school because it was a foldable and is closest to where I live. I will be paying for the education.
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