Chain Reaction

Story Elements

Chain Reaction takes place in Fairfield Illinois during present. The book begins with Luis, a student in Fairfield High School that has two brothers name Carlos and Alex that are against Latino Blood because Chuy shot Alex long time ago. And they don't want it to happen to their brothere Luis. The main conflict in the story is that there is a gang called LB (Latino Blood). Chuy is asking Luis to help him in his plans and be one of the Latino Blood.

Character Analysis

Luis is a good son to his mom. He follow her mom's orders and he also help his mom in their house at the same time. He is different to his brothers because he don't belong to a gang. He is also a smart student in the school. Luis hobbies are swimming and playing soccer. Their family in the Fairfield High School is known because of this two brothers that are known to be "Bad Guys". Maybe it's because they belong to a gang.


The message of the story is to be loyal and honest to those people that we can be trusted. But we should not give all our trust to them because some of them are fake friends only. We should learn how to be more wise in picking our friends. Especially to people that are not good for you.


I can say that teens can relate to this book because it teaches a lot of lessons about friendship. We should learn in our own way how to value them and love them. This story teaches also that being dishonest and not loyal is not a good way to do to your friends. It will only lead you into troubles. Now a days, teens think that they are already independent. They trust more their friends than their parents. They don't know how long they can trust their friends and how long they will be with you especially when you need them.