My Career in Fashion Merchandising

By: Sophia Tomasetti

My Personality Type

Based on the Jung and Myers Briggs personality test, my personality code is:


  • Extroverted
  • Sensing
  • Thinking
  • Perceiving

Famous people with the ESTP personality type

  • Taylor Swift
  • Mila Kunis
  • Ryan Seacrest

Holland Code

ACESIR- Artistic, Conventional, Enterprising, Social, Investigative, Realistic

Careers I am well suited for...

Holland Code Career Matches

  1. Art Director
  2. Advertising and Promotions Managers
  3. Editor
  4. PR Specialists
  5. PR and Fundraising Managers

Colleges that offer Fashion Merchandising...

School Institution Name:

  1. SUNY Oneonta
  2. University of Rhode Island
  3. Fashion Institute of Technology

Job Outlook

Change in Employment

There will be an increase in jobs - 203,400 jobs

Skills Necessary

Special Abilities & Qualifications:

  1. analytical skills
  2. communication skills
  3. creativity
  4. decision-making
  5. interpersonal skills
  6. organizational skills

Career Goal

My future career goal is to work in the fashion industry and live in New York City. I hope to be successful and comfortable in my job, making a good amount of money and doing what I love.
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