Inequality Reflection

By: William Kee

How to Write and Solve Inequalities Part 1

These are the symbols that you use to write Inequalities

> Greater than
< Less than
< Less than or equal to
> Greater than or equal to

How to Write and Solve Inequalities Part 2


A number minus 4 is greater than 2.

When we use the word "a number" it means we have to use a variable. The variable "n" minus 4 is less than 2.

n - 4 > 2

First, you Subtract 4 from -4 and 2.

The answer is n > 6


The sum of x and 5 is less than or equal to -2.

When we use the words "the sum of" it gives us a clue that our inequality will be using addition.

x + 5 < -2

First, you Subtract 5 from 5 and -2.

Your answer is x < -7

How to Graph Inequalities

An open circle means that 4 is not equal to the variable x.

The arrow drawn to the right means the variable is greater than 4.