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All About Me

Aaron Bravo

My name is Aaron. I was born in Toronto on a chilly Monday morning at 7:00 on May 8th, 2000. I have 10 siblings (6 sisters and 4 brothers) and no they do not all live with me in Brampton. I am very laid back and full of perspective. I enjoy telling jokes with my friends and rapping. I've lived in Toronto (Jane and Sheppard specifically) for most of my life until I moved to Brampton to attend a new public school. I also have been to Detroit Michigan in 2010 when I went to my grandmothers funeral. I attended Mount Royal Public school, and to this date I hate that school with a passion. I am now 16 years old and I am attending Louise Arbour S.S. When i grow up I want to do something with art, specifically creating sneaker designs. I would like to work for a big company like Nike and create some of their best signature sneakers. Of course older generation parents rather you go to medical school or become a engineer or all of that. That being said my mom obviously isn't to keen with my choice but I'll find away to make it work

My 3 favourite things

My 3 favourite things include: Making music, playing basketball and creating art.

I Like making music mostly rap, because when I write I can let out all my inner thoughts into something people can listen to, and when people say they like it, it just makes the feeling even better.

Playing basketball is the first thing I'll usually do when I got time for myself. basketball isn't my first sport actually, my first sport was soccer but I just happen to be better at basketball. The game of basketball itself just fits me, flashy. Although I am considered one of the best grade 10 basketball players in the school, I still didn't try out for the team because L.A's basketball team is pure ass.

finally I like creating art, it probably came at no surprise because if you know me then you know I like to draw. I've been drawing since forever, it was my talent but i started because of my older brother, someone who basically shaped the person I am today. drawing runs in my family on both sides so literally my house is full of artists but only some of us are pursuing art as a career choice.

My Life Line (Important dates in my life so far)

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My first day of grade 10

This picture was taken on the first day of grade 10 at L.A.S.S.

My Leadership Style

My leadership style is a leader as a persuader. I can easily make someone eager to do something just with my words. Also I like to have my teammates work with their strengths so that they can get good results. I personally think that being a persuasive leader is the most effective because you can pretty much get people to do want you want them to do other than a leader that is a teller. not everyone is just going to listen to a leader that is bossy. They need someone that is going to ease them into their position in whatever they're doing.

My Future

I would like to become a sneaker designer for a big company like Nike or Adidas. I've always been good at creating interesting designs because of my imagination and good drawing skills. Also becoming a designer for a big company pays a lot of money so that is something that i can look forward to in the future. Unfortunately, I do not have a career backup plan yet. But I do know that if I were to have a backup plan I would want to work with kids.
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My Influences

The two biggest influences in my life are both my younger and older brother. My older brother is someone who taught me how to draw, someone who I also get my quiet behavior from. My younger brother however, is much more loose and tends not to worry about life a lot. its because of him i can snap out of that behavior sometimes and share laughs with my friends. These two men have shaped the way I act and how I see the world.
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My Role Model

My biggest role model is easily my older brother. I see everything that goes on in his life and he teaches me not to make those same decisions when I get older. if it wasn't for him I don't know how I'd turn out by the time i was in highschool. He shaped how I handle bad situations and good situations and all that stuff.
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Personality Test Results

Learning styles: Visual-Kinesthetic learner

Personality: INTP (Introverted, iNtuiting, thinking, Percieving)

Interests type: Trailblazer (AE)

Knowledge: Business

Motivation: Independence

True Colours: Curious green

Multiple Intelligences: Existential strength

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