Science Lab Safety Rules

Better safe than sorry!

Playing it safe!

1. Come into the lab quietly and sit in your assigned seat. Leave the equipment alone until you have been instructed to start. If you start working before you know what to do, you might accidentally get hurt or waste the supplies you need for the experiment.

2. Listen to instructions carefully. Ask questions if you don't understand. If you don't understand what to do and do the experiment incorrectly, you will end up with poor results.

3. No eating or drinking in the lab. No eating or drinking the results of the lab. The lab is not clean enough for you to be eating or drinking. There are chemicals in the lab that could make you very sick.

4. Wear goggles when you are using chemicals or heating something. Googles are the best way to protect your eyes from permanent damage. Hot liquid, flying objects, and splashing chemicals could all damage your eyes.

5. Waft odors. Many chemicals have strong odors that could permanently damage the sensitive tissues that line the inside of your nose. So, if you ever want to smell chocolate chip cookies baking again, make sure you waft!

6. Don't try anything new without permission. I LOVE trying new ideas, but I also want to keep you from trying something that would be dangerous. Make sure you check with me before trying something new!

7. No horseplay or practical jokes. People could get hurt and lab equipment could get broken. Plus, if you are concentrating on horseplay and practical jokes, then you aren't learning science!

8. Use the equipment carefully. If you accidentally break something notify the teacher at once. Hopefully I will be able to replace whatever broke immediately and you will be able to continue your experiment.

9. Clean up any water spills immediately so that no one is injured by slipping and falling. Report all other spills. I will let you know how to clean it up.

10. Clean up your lab area before leaving to make sure it is ready for the next group. Check to see which things should be thrown away, which should be returned, and which can be safely washed down the sink.