Liliana Frasca

My ideal classroom will have up to date technology.

I want each of my students to learn and be up to date with todays technology whether he/she is a digital Native or a digital immigrant. Aside from the list below on what I will have in the classroom, I will also have Computers, Printers and Scanners.
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My ideal classroom will have smartboards.

I want my students to interact and be involved in the class activities and with the smartboard it will catch their attention and make them want to come up and explore the board themselves but while they are playing around trying to figure out how it works, they are also learning.
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My Ideal classroom will have laptops.

Each and every student in my classroom will have their own laptop that way each student can go at their own pace and learn how to use the laptop if they are already not familiar on how to work a laptop. Most schools have a ratio of 3 students to 1 laptop but I think that it is not fair to the other two students when one student is using the laptop the whole time as the other two watch which is why each students needs a laptop to themselves.
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My ideal classroom will have IPADS.

Many teachers already bring in IPADS to their classroom but I would like to have my own set of IPADS that way they are with us at all times in case a student needs to look up a word or search something on the internet. keeping these IPADS in the classroom throughout the year, will let me see how students have improved from the first day we started working with the IPADS up to the last day we use them. Students already know how to play games on the IPADS and there are many APPs out there that are educational.
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Impact of Technology in Elementary Classrooms - EDUC 552