Raymond Central Public Schools

January 2023

From the Desk of the Superintendent...

Happy New Year!

In our personal lives, this is the time in which we intentionally reflect on the year past and focus on changes that we may want to make this year. In the educational arena, we are reminded that our school year is almost half over and we want to make sure that we are on track with the progress we had hoped to make this year. The school improvement goals for both the elementary and the Jr/Sr high include a focus on improving our students' academic performance by focusing on instructional practices and strategies that engage students in their learning. Language Arts teachers in grades K-8 have been working on enhancing their knowledge about the science of reading to enable them to better meet the individual instructional needs of students. While improving their knowledge base about reading, they are also reviewing new language arts curriculum materials. In addition to working on the academic elements of our instruction, we are also engaged in professional development about how to effectively manage the behavioral needs of our children. Teaching is a craft that is constantly evolving and being honed. Our administrators and teachers are committed to growing their professional skills to meet the ever changing needs of our students.

Parenting, like educating, is difficult work and there are times when we might need to brush up on those skills or just get some additional insight. As parents, we were raising our three children during the Jim Faye, Love and Logic era. The Love and Logic Institute is a reputable source for information on educating and parenting children. My husband and I still subscribe to their free weekly newsletter. It can be found at love-logic@t.kajabimail.com. What continues to resonate in the research that I read about parenting and educating our children is that we need to structure our classrooms and our homes in ways that promote positive relationships with children. The structures that we create need to teach children responsibility and self-discipline while still making it clear that we care about them. There are a ton of other resources out there that provide practical parenting advice.

Our goals are the same, we all want to develop children who will be kind, responsible and well adjusted adults. Thank you for working with us to achieve these goals. We are so much more powerful when working together for our children.

The Board of Education continues their work on the eight goals (below) that are a part of the strategic plan. For the past year the Board of Education has had meetings with a patron committee to receive input on future facility planning. In the next few months the board hopes to have plans developed enough that they can be considered for board action. As we plan for the future, the facilities are a critical element of the conversation. The facilities, and the manner in which we are able to organize instruction as a result of those facilities, are critical to goals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8. At a workshop I attended this fall the speaker noted that ‘school is the heartbeat of the community.’ We have five communities that feed into Raymond Central Public Schools and the learning community that we build plays a critical role in how our communities prosper. Our vision of offering a quality educational opportunity will be a pivotal part of what attracts growth in our communities and in the surrounding rural areas. Being attentive to how ALL of these elements interact to create quality opportunities is critical to achieving educational excellence.

  • Goal 1 - Increase the number of students that meet or exceed normal growth rates.

  • Goal 2 - Research and implement strategies to recruit, hire, develop, support, and retain the highest quality

  • Goal 3 - Increase Student Achievement

  • Goal 4 - Maintain and Improve Current Facilities

  • Goal 5 - Technology

  • Goal 6 - Staff Professional Development

  • Goal 7 - Mental Health Action Plan

  • Goal 8 - Ensure all students learn in a safe environment

Mustang Minute

Want an update on activities/athletics/clubs from junior high to high school? Click here!

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Safe 2 Help Information

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As part of Raymond Central’s commitment to students’ safety and mental health, beginning in January 2023 we are launching an anonymous reporting program, which will allow students and parents to make anonymous reports about concerns of safety or student wellness. Our program is student-focused, as opposed to crime-focused, meaning it is a tool for alerting caring adults about students who need help—not snitching. This is part of our continuous effort to increase campus and student safety, and provide students with a safe, completely anonymous outlet to share concerns.

Students can use our new Safe2HelpNE app to report: bullying, suicide concerns, depression, sexting, stealing, threats, cutting, abuse, dating and domestic violence, fights, drugs, alcohol, weapons or other types of dangerous situations that threaten the safety of others. Their reports will be addressed by a trained school threat assessment team.

When you or your student have a concern, you can go to www.safe2helpne.org on your computer, tablet, or laptop-- or you can download the free Safe2HelpNE mobile app-- and make a 100% anonymous report in less than five minutes.

The use of anonymous reporting apps in state programs like Safe2Tell Colorado have proven to be successful in providing the tools and information needed for school officials and to proactively address concerning behaviors, potential incidents of violence, and other harmful situations on campus before they develop. We look forward to working with you and your students to continue making Raymond Central a safe school.

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National Mentoring Month

National Mentoring Month is a campaign to spread awareness around the importance of mentoring in society and celebrate its positive impact. It runs every January and includes Thank Your Mentor day on the 21st of January.

Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on young people in various personal, academic, and professional situations. Mentoring connects a young person to personal growth, development, and social and economic opportunity.

Raymond Central currently has 29 active TeamMate matches with the following mentors:

Tammie Holley, Barb Ohnoutka, Esther Ryan, Jim Porter, Ronnie Bottorff,

Shirley Eichmeier, Deb Brooks, Mike Unverferth, Karri Donahue, Dallas Fletcher, Jen Polak, Kathryn Hayward, Alice Pecka, Kathy Fredrickson, Trisha Fletcher, Ian White, Pat Pittman, Cindi Wolfe, Kara Nelson, Sophia Custer, Kim Boyd, Diane Wagner, Lori Maxwell, Riley Haug, Marcene Sklenar, Derek Farmer, Virg Unverferth, Caitlin Roussan, and Chris Hoffman

Three Raymond Central mentees had this to say about their mentors, “There are many things that I like about my Teammate mentor, but my favorite thing I love about her is that she really understands and shows her care for me. She has given me amazing advice and thoughts towards anything that’s on my mind, and she has helped raise me throughout middle school to high school. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity Teammates has given me; meeting such an incredible person has really changed my life for the better.”

“My mentor always has games that we can play and we talk about what we like to do together.”

“My mentor is the best listener. I know I can tell her anything and she has my best interest at heart. She also can tell some really good stories. I look forward to our meetings!”

Do you have 30-45 minutes to spend with a mentee each week at school? Take this time to do something fun! Crafts, no-bakes, science experiments, and more! Do good by being you. If you have questions about mentoring, please consider talking to one of our own amazing TeamMate mentors listed above!

Please consider becoming a mentor today:


TeamMates Application

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Junior High Winter Dance

The Junior High Student Council will be hosting a winter dance for students in grades 7-8 on January 20th! More information to come as the date gets closer. Email Ms. Spale and Mrs. Jackson with any questions.
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Band Updates

The following HS Students were selected to participate in the Wayne State College Festival of Honor Bands on January 28th (Public performance!!):

Asher Lahm

Morgan Lahm

Josie Lahm

Rosalie Tvrdy

Gareth Mills

Mae Masek

Robert Ortiz

The following JH Students were selected to participate in the WSC Festival of Honor Bands (same date, public performance):
Grace Reed

Marissa Tvrdy

Josie Hain was selected to the UNK Honor Band and Choral Festival on January 16th.

The Band was able to play the Star Spangled Banner at the Lincoln Stars Hockey Game on Friday, December 16th!

The HS Pops concert is on February 9th @ 6:30 pm.

Put this on your calendar! You won't want to miss it!

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Choir Congratulations!

Congratulations to Robert Ortiz, Daniel Jackson III, and Sophia Cadotte for auditioning and making it into the Wayne State Honor Choir!!

FFA Updates

Find LDE Results attached.

Mark your Calendars the 2023 Central FFA Alumni Article & Labo Auction will be Friday, March 10th in the Main Gym.

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Gotcha Good!

Gotcha Good is a program designed to recognize 6-12 graders who have been "caught" doing something extra good to help the school community, a classmate, or a staff member.

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Need some projects done?

If anyone needs woods projects done, construction, or automotive related projects the Construction Class is willing to take on your challenge!

You will be responsible for paying for materials.

Got a challenge? A project that you've been putting off? Contact Mr. Hackbart today!


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SCIP Info--Click Here

SCIP is a program designed to bring together families, school and the community to support student behavioral and emotional health.

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Order Your Yearbook NOW!

We had so much fun including everyone in the district last year that we are doing it again! All staff and students from Preschool to the Graduating Class of 2023 will be included in one beautiful book. If you have students in more than one building, you can buy one book and have everyone's photo included!

(Elementary yearbooks will still be available for families with only elementary students! Please contact the Elementary office if you would only like an elementary yearbook!)

The Journalism Team has already been working hard on a theme that we think you will love this year! Soooo...Don't delay!! Order your Yearbook TODAY!!!

Yearbook Order Forms for the 2022-2023 Yearbook are available in the office or in Mrs. E's room. There will be NO extra books ordered, so please make sure you get yours ordered now!

Pricing is as follows:

$60 per yearbook from January 1, 2022 to May 20, 2022

Senior/Business Ad space is also available! Please email:

rcentraljournalism@gmail.com for more information or with any questions!

SENIOR PARENTS--If you have not already done so, please email a senior photo and a baby photo of your graduating senior to: rcentraljournalism@gmail.com

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Senior Agenda--Click Here

Detailed information for seniors to help navigate the year. Includes deadlines for graduation, yearbook, photos, etc.

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Class Social Media Pages

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Health Update and Recent Illness

RSV ( Respiratory Syncytial Virus ) is currently circulating through the

community and nationally. It is a fairly common virus that presents with

cold-like symptoms.

Symptoms: People infected with RSV usually show symptoms within 4 to 6

days after getting infected. Symptoms of RSV infection usually include

● Runny nose

● Decrease in appetite

● Coughing

● Sneezing

● Fever

● Wheezing

These symptoms usually appear in stages and not all at once. In very young

infants with RSV, the only symptoms may be irritability, decreased activity, and

breathing difficulties.

Sometimes you can develop a bacterial infection after having the virus. This

could be an ear or eye infection or sinus and lung infections. This would

require a doctor’s visit.

Almost all children will have had an RSV infection by their second birthday.

Call your healthcare professional if you or your child is having difficulty

breathing, not drinking enough fluids, or experiencing worsening symptoms. Most

RSV infections go away on their own in a week or two.

Other Respiratory Illness: Along with RSV, influenza and parainfluenza viruses,

adenovirus and SARS Co V2 are all co-cirriculating.

Prevention is Key!

See the below steps to help prevent getting a viral respiratory infection.

There are steps you can take to help prevent the spread of RSV and other

respiratory illnesses. Specifically, if you have cold-like symptoms you should

● Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your upper shirt sleeve,

not your hands. Then wash or sanitize your hands.

● Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds-

especially before eating and after school or public outings.

● Avoid close contact, such as kissing, shaking hands, and sharing cups

and eating utensils, with others.

● Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs and

mobile devices.

● Get your flu shot and other available vaccines.

Staying home while sick is also a great preventive measure from spreading

viral illness!

The above information was gathered from the Nov. 4th Health Alert from

Nebraska’s department of health and human services and the CDC’s health

alert and this season’s respiratory recommendations from the American

Academy of Pediatrics.

Here are the links for more information:




If you have any questions, concerns or need assistance please do not hesitate

to contact me. amanda.ehlers@rcentral.org