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Use of Batteries is Risky,batteries can explode. If the battery has a defect, it can explode causing blindness and cancer. They can also fail to work and you will not save any money because it will be running gas all the time. A battery in a hybrid car needs to be changed every 150,000 miles and they cost $6000-$7000 depending on size.

hystory on hybrid cars

As car industries begin to produce more sustainable automobiles; however Hybrid cars have been around since the 1800s In 1886 records indicate that an electric powered car was invented but Due to short life expectancy of batteries and low motor performance, the hybrid car could not survive against the high preforming Model T that Henry Ford had created. in 1908, Henry Ford changed the world with his Model T Ford; it was the first high production vehicle in existence. The price for a Model T in 1908 was $825 four years later it dropped to $575.