Muscular System

By: Sahithi Arimanda and Abhinav Soma

This system is important because...

This system is the system that keeps you going and helps you to get around places.If you did not have the Muscular System you wold not be able to do what you are doing now like,walking, running, playing, or even smiling.

Questions and Answers


1)How can you keep the Muscular System healthy?

2)How is the Muscular System important in your daily life?

3)What issues occur if you don't take care of the Muscular System?


1) You can keep the Muscular System healthy by getting all your proteins and vitamins to help you move.

2)The Muscular System is important in your daily life because it is one of the most helpful system that will let you run and play.

3)The issues are that occur are that the muscles might weekend or rip.

Quick Facts

It takes 17 muscles to smile, and 47 muscles to frown.

The hardest working muscle is in the eyes.

The largest muscle in your body is the Gluties Maximus.

Most muscles are attached to your bones.

There is a muscle in your eye that helps it move.

There are muscles in the root of your hair that give you goose bumps.


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