Why are they so fascinating??

All Information About Magnets

1) identify 3 properties of magnets

1. Attract iron and materials that contain iron

2. Attract repel other magnets

3. point north when they swing freely

2) Magnetic Poles

2 Types Of force



How poles interact

Attract and repel.

3)Magnetic Force

2 types of forces

Attraction and Repusion

Relate magnetic forces to poles

They are stronger at the poles

4)magnetic Fields.

1)What are they

The area of a magnetic force

2)How is distance determined .

Indicates the strength

4)where are field lines the strongest.

North and south

5)magnets domains

Explain how magnetism is affected by magnetic domain.

magnetic if all the domains point in the same direction.

Explain how magnetic domains look in magnetic materials.

Unmagnetized :they don't go the same. Magnetized:they go the same.

6)Extra information

Any other interesting information you learned about magnets in this chapter.

That some magnets are strong

Magnets for Kids