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Terrific Sites for Early Finishers


Since all students have access to a device and are beginning to finish end of term assessments and assignments before their peers, it's always nice to send them to a website where they can continue their learning, have fun, and not even know it's educational. Below are a few excellent sites that I've compiled (with some assistance from tech friends) that could be quite beneficial to their education and your classroom management.


iCivics is a website that displays civics information in an addicting manner. Students can run for president, run your own law firm to work with different rights, or be president for a day and make executive decisions, all while learning the process and learning how government works. I got caught up in running for President and focused on beating my cartoon opponent that I almost lost track of time. Yes, I did win if you're wondering!


GeoGuessr is my favorite Early Finisher site. In this interactive Google Maps game, students are dropped in a location somewhere in the world, and using clues around them, must determine where in the world they’re located. You can even narrow the location down to a specific country if you’re focusing on a certain country. This is a great way for students to learn about the surroundings of an area as well as the topographical landscape.

Prodigy (A Math Practice Site for K-8)

Although this one is a little more involved on the teacher’s end, once it’s up and running Prodigy has quite a few benefits. This is a math practice game site for students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. The teacher creates and account, shares the class code with their students, then the student has access anywhere they wish, on the path to becoming a Math Prodigy!


If you have students that are in need of a Current Event article or interested in the daily news, Newseum is a wonderful resource. Even though it’s an actual museum in Washington DC, they upload a PDF version of each newspaper from the nation and several from around the world for students to peruse through. It’s really interesting to see how different events are being covered across the nation as you look at each front page.


Kind of like Cool Math, but with more of an education focus, FunBrain has games sorted by grade level for several different subjects. Students can select their grade and can choose which class or subject they’d like to learn more about and play the games accordingly.

Anything Else?

Do you have other suggestions for early finisher sites? There are a ton out there and would love to hear where you're directing your students when you finish early!

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