Meterology project

Fronts and Air Masses

what is an Air mass ?

An air mass is a large body of air that has  similar temperature and moisture properties throughout .

what are the type of air masses and what are there characteristics ?

Maritime tropical air masses develop over the subtropical oceans and transport heat and moisture northword into the US.continential air masses originate over the northern plains of canada ,transport colder and drier air southward .continential polar are air masses that originate from the snow covered regions of northern canada cause of the long winter nights and stron radiational cooling found in thoes regions,the over liying air becomes very cold and very stable .Maritime polar is an air mass that does not have much moisture contant and is always near saturation ,orographic lifting can prouduce widespread , rain , or snow , the temperature can reach just above freezing to below 70 degrees.On-line Meteorology Guide

what is a Front ?

A front is defined as the transition zone between two air masses of diffrent density.

What are the four types of fronts ?

(stationary front-a front that  is not moving) (cold front-leading edge of colder air that is replacing warmer air) (warm front-leading edge of warmer air that is replacing cooling air (ocluded front-when a cold front catches up to a warm front)

What are the symbols of the four types of fronts ?