Teachers, Students, Parents: What We ALL Need To Know

As social media grows and grows with each passing day (or so it seems), now more than ever do users of all ages and positions need proper knowledge of what the law means in reference to them. And by "law", w actually mean "laws", as there are three Big Ones parents, teachers and students/children need to know about.

  • Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
  • Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Hmm. Well, "acts" would be better, wouldn't it? Now, doooooooon't panic! All you need to know will be explained, and to make this even easier, we've got some visual aids to help. Cast your eyes below and lets get started...

Learn Your Acts Right So Your Students Can Act Right!

Yep, that was pretty cheesy, but bear with us...

Not to get all heavy with you right at the end (After School Special much?), but kids are developing younger, physically and mentally and socially, and it's easy for us to get left behind. Especially when all social media's platforms seem to be multiplying like rabbits.

But there is help, there are guidelines, and these three acts are the bedrock on which you can build and effective and flexible teaching guide for your students.

  • Students using the Media Lab to send malicious Tweets and try to look up the next R Rated XBox game coming out? Uh-uh-uh, not according to CIPA!
  • You're looking to build a new unit plan and have so many resources to choose from. Well, here's COPPA to help you whittle down the unnecessary and unsuitable!
  • Sally and Sammy want to use their class' test results as part of their project? Sorry, kids, FIRPA says that's a no-no!

See what we mean? These parameters were and are designed to allow as much social media and online interaction as possible, while at the same time being safe, secure, age appropriate and (here's where we pay attention, educators) conducive to a solid educational environment.

And if you're thirsting for more, here's a small ocean of online intelligence for your perusal!




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