internet safety

by jake henry

advice for children

. make sure to have private settings on

. only add or speak to people you know in person

. don't agree to meet people you've never met before

. and if you have been abused tell someone straight away no matter how bad it is

steps for pearents

  • Make sure you have a secure internet connection.

  • Write down a list of rules and position it in a place close to the computer where they can be easily read.

  • Talk through the rules with your child so they understand why they're there.

  • Don't site computers in places where it is difficult to monitor what your child is viewing.

  • Show an interest in what they're accessing/doing online. If possible get to know your child's online friends in the same way that you would get to know their school or neighborhood friends.

  • Reinforce the message about safety considerations to your children when they are chatting with people online. Check out our advice for your child and social networking pages so you know how to advise them.

  • Encourage your child to tell you about anything they think is inappropriate and reassure them it is not their fault. Make sure they know you will support them.

  • If they report anything to you, contact your local police office. You can also report abuse online to the Virtual Global Task force and report illegal images to the Internet Watch Foundation.

i like these steps because they are really clear to use and they are from the website of the Scotland the police

visit this link


ceop is an internet safety program to help children who have been though abuse