Talkeetna, Alaska

Lizzy Thill

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Talkeeta, Alaska is located 62 degrees 18'41 N

150 degrees 5'13 W

Major industries in Alaska include oil, logging, gold, and fishing

climate/physical features

The climate in Talkeetna is at an average 33.1.

physical features include mountains, plateaus, and arctic slopes.

things to do

major forms of transportation

people in Alaska mainly rely on small airplanes like the bush planes to get around

type of clothing worn

things to eat

elk meat and bear meat are some of the best eating in Alaska. Wolf meat is also very good.


The language that is mainly spoken in Alaskan is English and Indo European. Their main religions are Catholic And Jewish. Major city's in Alaska include Anchorage, Fairbanks, And Junea.

Talkeetna, Alaska!