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Journey Kendall - Aspiring Psychologist

Your Sworn Duty

The psychologist, or even a counselor, is meant to be a guide to diagnose emotional and mental disorders, and help people unlock themselves to truly figure themselves out. While many psychologists take their own individuals into their care, others often collaborate to get to the root of the problem or problems that led them to you in the first place. By bringing them a peace of mind, you also help the people that care for the person(s) you aid.
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The Spoils of War

Since your job is not particularly fun, in most aspects, helping people find their smile is a help to your, and their, morale. However, the true gain in the view of others is the salary, which can vary from a little more than 40,000 dollars a year, to over 100,000 dollars. Well worth the effort and time. Not to mention if you are self-employed your hours can be as flexible as you want, with your clients in mind of course.

Hit the Books

When striving to be a certified psychologist, the doctoral degree is generally recognized and accepted as the education credential for license eligibility to practice independently as a clinical psychologist. Each state has additional requirements for licensure in your specific area of expertise.

A Call of Duty?

The expected job increase and need for psychologists is expected to raise over twelve percent in the next ten years or so, however, many sources suggest that the need for those jobs is rising faster than expected in comparison to other jobs on the charts for this particular field is growing faster than the weeds in your garden. The variety ranges from clinical to industrial and even experimental psychologists. Find your bounty and stake some claims.
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