by: Emily Brazier

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What are Rays

Rays are sea animals. They are related to sharks. Rays are in journals from long ago in Greek and Roman times. Rays got eaten, used as weapons, and people used to worshiped them. Rays are common around the world. The end of a ray is flexible and are like wings. Rays have gills underneath them. Rays that flap are the fastest ones. Rays have eyes on the top of there heads. Rays have good senses. Rays are able to find hidden pray.

All Type of Rays

There are 500 different types of rays. Rays are called different names. Different types of rays like different water temperatures. There are Six gill stingrays, Deep water stingrays, Round rays, Whiptail stingrays, Butterfly stingrays, and Eagle rays. Rays can be as big as 22 feet wide. Rays can weigh up to thousand pounds.