Flag Pole Estimation Project

Bethany Flauss, Laura Haywood, Nikolai Leday, 1/26/16

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AA Similarity

AA similarity shows that a triangle is similar when two angles of one triangle are congruent to two corresponding angles of another triangle. When this happens it makes the corresponding sides proportional. When the sides are proportional you can use proportions to find the missing side. The two angles are located at the person, flag pole, and on either side of the mirror.The mirror provides congruent angles because the angle of reflection is congruent.

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Pencil-Person Technique

To use the pencil-person technique, a person who is close to 5' tall or 6' tall stands next to the flag pole. Then, another person stands very far away and looks at his height compared to a pencil that the person measuring is holding. The person counts how many times the height of the person on the pencil can fit on the flagpole. Using this technique, our group decided that the flag pole is 30 feet tall.