Summer Institute for the Gifted

Bryn Mawr College

Notes from the Director

Wow, how quickly time flies. Our 3 weeks together will be over within the next 24 hours! What a wonderful time SIG at Bryn Mawr 2013 has been. From the little day program campers to the commuter and residential campers, lots of energetic learning and fun has filled our days. Each week we have sent out a newsletter cataloging the camp happenings and upcoming events. Today’s newsletter is the last of our thoughts on camp. Please read the dates and time for the closing ceremonies carefully. Please remember that we have both a “Day Program” (ages 4-8) and a “Residential/Commuter Program” (ages 9-14) on campus. Both groups will be recognized for their achievements this summer. We hope you will join us for your camper’s celebration!

As a parent of two adult aged gifted children, I know the struggles that gifted kids face in their daily lives. I understand the joy they feel when they are challenged and how happy they are when they spend time with like minded peers. I will never forget the first year I spent at SIG when one camper said to me about a newly made friend, “She gets me!” I hope that your family has had a pleasant SIG experience this summer. I hope your child felt that not only did fellow campers, but the entire staff “got” him or her. I can tell you for sure that all of our staff from our young adults who serve as teaching assistants by day and counselors at night, to our numerous qualified instructors, dedicated deans, compassionate nurse, hardworking housemaster, resourceful resident assistances, and friendly office staff, we have tried to make “SIG” a summer to remember! From the smiles on the campers’ faces, I think we have achieved our goal. Life is a journey that is enriched by all those we meet along the way. Thank you for enriching my life’s journey by sharing your children with all of us at SIG.

Best, Patti Coughlan

Day Program Closing Ceremony

July 19, 2013

The Closing Ceremony will begin promptly at 4:30pm in Thomas Hall room 110. Parking is available in Lower Radnor Parking Lot.

Residential/ Commuter Closing Ceremony

July 20. 2013

The Closing Ceremony will begin promptly at 9:00am in Thomas “Great Hall.” After the Closing Ceremony all residential students will proceed to their dorm for checkout and departure. Parking is available in all lots on Saturday.

Arrival: You can easily navigate your way to campus!

For GPS or MapQuest: 814 New Gulph Road, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Please note: the above address will take you to the center of campus. Once there, please use the campus map below to navigate the Bryn Mawr Campus to Thomas Hall and The Cloisters.

Link to campus map:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 484-265-1587 or at We look forward to seeing you!

Academic Notes

The final week has arrived and it is with great sadness that we bid our students farewell. And it is with great pride that we say, “Job well done!” The last week was a whirlwind. Our students have put the finishing touches and final adjustments on projects that have been 2 weeks in the works. Our program has seen budding claymation artists with productions such as “Clay Ninja”. We have had public speaking students disprove the 4 color theorem. Our dancers have traveled a 100 years from the birth of jazz to present day hip-hop. Our sleuths have analyzed fingerprints, lip prints, and even created their own cyphers and codes. Our high quality instructors set the bar very high for each and every individual student. And in the end, our students have surpassed every goal that was set for them. Plainly speaking, we have been amazed. Even conversations during passing time were not idle; just yesterday a brilliantly spirited debate spontaneously erupted in the heat of the afternoon walk to class over whether the Star Trek Teleporter merits the same accolades as Dr. Who’s TARDIS. With a collective character such as this it is easy to see why SIG Bryn Mawr isn’t a camp, it is an INSTITUTE!

Residential Notes

Thanks for the Visit!

Thanks to all who came out to visit us this past Sunday for “Parent Visitation Day”! Students eagerly awaited our guests arrival and enjoyed the day. The day was one of fun and relaxation. Students enjoyed activities, meeting and greeting parents, and for some, time off campus. The day left all excited and ready for our final week here at SIG!

Dining Hall

Students are enjoying their last delicious week in the dining hall. If you would like to view the menu, it is located here: . (Please note that any products containing ingredients which any of our campers are allergic to are removed from the menu during our dining hall time.) Residential staff continues to help students make healthy choices and stay hydrated. Commuter and day student are reminded to continue to bring a water bottle to camp. We have increased our water supply in the office and dorms and are encouraging students to rehydrate and refill their bottles often.

Packing Up

Residential campers will be completely packed up before heading to our big dance on Friday night! Saturday morning between 9:00am and 11:00am Bryn Mawr staff will be outside Pembroke East in the arch to collect cards and keys directly from the residential campers. We encourage you to attend the final ceremony which starts at 9:00am and to check your children out after. All students must be moved out and signed out by 11:00am. If you plan to pick your child up prior to 9:00am on Saturday, please contact the residential dean, Courtney Baker, at if you have not done so already.

Card and Key Collections

Meal card and keys will be collected directly from the campers by Bryn Mawr College staff.

SIG @ Bryn Mawr Residential Staff have been working diligently to support students in keeping track of their belongings. We continue to remind students to slow down in the rush of the week and remember to put their cards and keys in a safe and easy to remember location in their bags, dorms, and classrooms. As excitement and energy rises in this final week, we have seen an increase in misplaced keys/meal cards. And while most missing cards and keys have been located in a timely manner and returned to the students, we appreciate your support in reminding students to take extra time to make sure they have what they need.

If your student loses his or her key and/or keys prior to the end of camp, the amount due to Bryn Mawr College will be $15 for a card and $50 for a key. For missing items, Bryn Mawr will accept cash or check.

Collections will occur at the following times:

Day Program Students: Your children will not turn in their meal cards instead they can keep the Bryn Mawr wallet and card as memory of their summer here at SIG.

Commuter & Extended Commuter: Your children will not turn in their meal cards instead they can keep the Bryn Mawr wallet and card as memory of their summer here at SIG.

Residential: Your students will turn in their meal cards and keys at checkout on Saturday between 9:00-11:00am.

From the Office Manager's Desk

The last week of camp has arrived! We have a lot of fun activities planned for the campers this week. Over the last few days, students have attended casino night, Six Flags, and movie night. The academic theater presentation was on Wednesday night. Students presented the projects they have been working on in class.

Our closing ceremony for residential and commuter students will be held on Saturday (7/20) from 9:00am-10:30am in Thomas Great Hall. Don’t forget to check out the lost and found bin that will be located in the back of the hall, along with Nurse Bob. He will return the medications to you. You will have an opportunity after the closing ceremony to gather your child’s belongings from their dorm room. Don’t forget to return your child’s room keys to the Bryn Mawr employees. They will be sitting outside of the dorm.

Day program students will have a closing ceremony on Friday (7/19). The ceremony will start at 4:30 pm in Thomas, Room 110.

Please make sure you stop by the lost and found in the office on Friday or Saturday if your child is missing anything!

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at any time: 484-265-1587. Our office is open Monday-Saturday from 7:45 am-11:00 pm and Sunday from 9:00 am – 11:00 pm.

Office Phone Number: 203-441-0793

Director - Patricia Coughlan:

Residential Dean - Courtney Baker:

Academic Dean - Keith V. Thomas:

Student Activities Dean - Chad Mays:

Nurse - Bob: or 215-200-9195

Office Manager - Tiffany Tavernia:

Administrative Assistant - Christine Guaragno:

Billing or admin issues - SIG main office: 866-303-4744 or 203-399-5000