2B Happenings!

Working hard and having fun in 2B!

Dear 2B Family,

Please let me say again what a privilege and honor it has been to have your students in my class this year. They have been a joy to get to know, and to teach. They have taught ME so much, and I wish you all a wonderful and restful summer!

Below you'll find some fun ideas for keeping the kiddos sharp and their minds engaged this summer so they can hit the ground running in August! :)

I will send out some pictures from the last week soon, I've got to get everything uploaded! :)

God Bless you and your families,

~Mrs. White


One of the most beneficial things that the students can do over summer is READ! But, we want to develop a love and joy of reading. It shouldn't be a chore. So consider thinking outside the box!

Audiobooks and read alouds are great options, especially for long road trips! Years ago we got through most of The Hobbit on a road trip to Chicago! One of our favorite audiobook series is kinda silly, but it's Hank the Cowdog - they're read by the author and he has the best voice!

Another thing to try is to read the same book as your child, and then talk about it. This works really well for those great readers! They get a big kick out of it, and it makes for interesting car ride and dinner table conversation! You can buddy-read too, taking turns reading a paragraph of a favorite book.

One thing that always worked well for my own kids (and me!) was that during summer we still had a bedtime, but there was no "lights out" time! ;) Kids love staying up late... and why not in the summer?!

Magazines and short stories are also good options for many students.

A great incentive is the Arlington Library Summer Reading Program!!! YOU can participate too - they have an adult log! What a great way to show your kids how awesome reading is! If you'd like some book suggestions, just let me know - or ask your librarian! They're awesome!

Half Price Books is having their annual 20% off sale this weekend too. They also have a summer reading club, and you can earn book points! Woot-woot!


This one's easy! Students can keep a summer journal of their activities, or they can write letters (or emails) to friends and relatives!! :) Just remembering to keep them practicing is a great thing!
Genius Hour Booklet

I promised the students I would send along the Genius Hour Booklet! Any student who completes the booklet and a poster or powerpoint is welcome to ask a parent to send it to me at iwhite@smgschool.org. I will respond!! :)


Yep, it's important to practice math too! Many students need to continue to improve their addition and subtraction math facts to 20. Students were excited to start memorizing their multiplication facts, but really, those addition and subtraction facts need to be learned with automaticity first! There are many fun apps out there to game that learning!

Speaking of games, there are so many great board games that build number sense and math skills. Yahtzee, Battleship, Racko, Monopoly, Equate.... just to name a few examples! Board games between siblings can keep kids happy and learning too!! When I was young I played a solitaire card game to learn my math facts to 10, and I still play it to this day! (I couldn't find the name of it online. It's sort of like block ten, but not quite.)

Math is such an integral part of our everyday life, you can discuss anything from grocery prices to ticket prices to bills with your students! :)


Great for incorporating into travelling - map skills and history!! Our nation is filled with fascinating places and museums, just about any place you might travel is sure to have something interesting nearby!! The local travel bureau is a great resource, and often has coupons!!!!


I couldn't leave out science... science is all around us, and the students' natural wonder and curiosity will guide much learning. There's a really fun youtube channel too called Whiz Kid Science that has some cool ideas! (As with all things online of course, parental monitoring is important!) How It's Made is a pretty cool tv show that my kids are fascinated by too.

Legos and other building toys (or even a box of clothespins and popsicle sticks) are great toys to develop skills useful in science (and math)!! :)

There are lots of cool places to see in town too, from the Zoo to the Science Museum and Perot.
Find a Mass while travelling!!

As you travel this summer, you can find local Masses for the entire United States at this website! :) If you're traveling abroad (lucky duck) check with the local Diocese.