The Tailban

Chris K, Andrew M, Brendan M, and Bri M

Who are they?

They are a large group of people that occupy Pakistan. They were able to achieve this by capturing providence of Herat in September of 1995. A year later, they captured Kabul and overthrow the president and his defense minister. They lost their power of Afghanistan and fled to Pakistan in 2001.

The Taliban's are also located in Pashtun which is between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Taliban emerged in the early 1900s in northern Pakistan, following the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

Most of the recruits fight in honor of relatives killed by foreign forces.

The men were required to grow beards and the women had to wear an all covering burka. They also had intermarriages and some political ties with al-Qaeda.

What do they believe?

The Taliban believe that it is God's will to defend their beliefs, and kill those who oppose it. The Taliban enforce a strict form of Sharia Law. They also are not tolerant to any other sects of the Islamic belief. They follow a strict form of Islam called Wahhabi. People that follow this form of Islam believe that they need to follow everything directly from the Koran. They are the most conservative Islamic group. These people preach "peace" but their actions prove otherwise. They kill many innocent people just because they believe that it is God's will.

When did they come to power?

They came to power in the autumn of 1994.

What sort of policies did they institute while they were in power?

  • Men must grow beards and women wear all-covering Burqas.

  • Banned television, cinema, and music in Afghanistan.

  • Dissaproved of girls 10 and older going to school.

  • tax local farmers growing opium and agricultural produce.

  • people can stop fighting to work or care for families

  • Enforced a strict version of Sharia Law

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