Carsdog Fink , Ian Schultzy, Whit Wimsicle

2 Types of Mining

Surface and Subsurface

Surface- when an ore bed is found relatively close to Earth's surface

-Strip - soil and rock are removed from the overlying surface (Destroys Landscapes and Habitats)

-Open Pit - extracting rocks and minerals from the Earth from a open pit (Release harmful substances into the soil, air and water)

-Mountain Top Removal - mining of the summit of a mountain (affects the streams that run through the valleys)

Subsurface- when ores are found thousands of feet below Earth's surface

-Slope - sloping shaft travels downward towards desired material (topsoil is eroded and stablilty of slope decreases)

-Drift - tunneling through Earth's surface ( waste that comes to the surface becomes toxic)

-Shaft - tunnel straight down into the Earth (produces greenhouse gas emissions)

Fracking- drilling into the Earth and try to release natural gases used as energy

(Contamination of Groundwater, Air pollution, waste disposal, and toxic waste deposition)

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