Homeschool the Middle School Years?

Have you considered homeschooling your middle schooler?

Join us tonight June 9th at 7 PM to learn about Classical Conversations' Challenge A program!

It has been said that a farmer plants with his eye on the harvest. For those with students approaching the middle and high school years, it effects how we work together in the day to day when we as parents have a good, solid eye on the harvest that is to come. Classical Conversations' Challenge program (7th-12th grade) is a national program providing excellent Christian scholarship coupled with the tremendous benefit of local community. Students meet together once a week for 30 weeks to engage in a rigorous but achievable coursework.

Our Challenge A program is designed for students who are at least 12 years old. )There are 6 levels of the Challenge program, level A is the first level.) In each level, one highly qualified, experienced homeschooling tutor, partners with students and parents as a yearlong mentor in all subjects. Students at this age need help understand core subjects and their tutor equips them to discover that ALL knowledge works together. No subject is taught in isolation. Literature anaylsis cannot be seperated from theology, philosophy, history, economics or science. Our Challenge tutors seek to give students more than just knowledge in a particular subject area. Instread, students learn to see how all knowledge glorifies the Lord while also revealing aspects of His divine nature. We train students to become lifelong learners and lovers of God's creation!

Throughout their time in Challenge, in addition to mastering the materials covered in the scope and sequence, they will gain skills from various opportunites, a few: draw a map of the entire world (from memory), participate in Mock Trial (where a real courtroom is rented out, a real judge is hired and students argue a real case), attend Protocol (a formal event, where students are taught how to behave and speak at a formal dinner and attend a play, symphony or other formal event to follow) and so much more.

You are invited to learn more about this dynamic program! Tonight our Challenge A Director will share about the program and answer any questions you may have. (Note: We will also be having a meeting for our Challenge B program in a few weeks, if you have an older student and need more information now please contact our Challenge B director, Amber Bishop at

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A closer look at the Challenge A program

Tuesday, June 9th, 7pm

Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery, Jupiter, FL, United States

Jupiter, FL

Classes begin Monday, August 31! Join us to hear more about this program and reserve your student's spot! Please pop a quick RSVP via text to 770-356-0450 or you can do so below if you can join us tonight.

Coffee Culture is located at 107 Front Street. As soon as you turn in to Harbourside Place from US 1, look to your left and you'll see Coffee Culture in the front. You'll have to go around the roundabout to get to the shop. There is parking in the front and on the side, otherwise there is a parking garage.

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