British Columbia

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Food and wild life facts

British Columbia is known as Canada's raspberry capital for producing 15.6 million kilograms of raspberry's every year. British Columbia is also known for having worlds largest octopus, scallops, and starfish. British Columbia or B.C. is known for having more varieties of plants and animals than any other Canadian province.

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About B.C

British Columbia is home to over 4,168,123 people. B.C is also known for having the rocky mountains bordering it and Alberta and going through the U.S. British Columbia is also known for it's skiing. The provincial bird of B.C is is a Stellar's Jay. B.C was confederated in 1871. B.C has 947.796 km of land



Spain and Russia were the first countries to claim most of British Columbia. British Columbia became a Canadian province in 1871.

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Art and Culture

The number of cultural jobs in B.C is 87,996 or 3.8 percent of all B.C jobs. About 88,000 volunteers and 126,000 donors help support B.C's art and culture. In 2012 B.C was the Canadian province with the highest number of working artists. Performing arts organizations in B.C earned $146.6 in 2012.

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