Come to Texas

Christopher Raffaele

Land Policy

Ever wanted lots of land? Who am I kidding, of course you do! So why not get some in Texas, where you can get a lot of land for not a lot of money! You a farmer? If you are, you just got yourself a labor! 177 acres of land is plenty of room for crops! Got cows? If you obtain a sitio, you get 4428 acres of land for you and your cows! Keep reading for more about the paradise known as Texas!

Description of Land

The land in Texas is even better than it sounds! It's got fertile soil for farmers, rolling grasslands for cattle ranchers, and there are plenty of metals. So all you miners out there, come on down! With towns already out there and prospering, many other occupations and skills are needed! In Texas, there's something for everyone!


The only hitch to all of this is not even really a hitch at all! All you have to do is become a Mexican citizen, follow all of the laws (why would you want to break them anyway?), and become a catholic, which only means going to church once a week! (and on holy days, which vary.) It's a bargain!


Here's the part all of you have been dreading. The cost. I bet you're thinking "If the land is so great, it must cost a fortune!" Well, you'd be wrong! In Texas, an entire acre of land is only 12.5 cents! It's a steal! Still think you can't afford it? Don't! You can pay it off over time! With easy to get jobs all over the place, you can pay it off in no time! In the end, the rewards far outweigh the risks, so what are you waiting for? So come on down!