Thursday Brief

February 5

Student on the KIII Morning News

We will have a student (Noah Webster) on the news tomorrow (February 6th)! He will talk about his science fair project for the regional science fair this weekend.

Family Engagement Night-Wednesday, February 19th

I could still use help please. I will provide the materials and the presentation! I just need you to help me with the groups.

Feedback from parent survey is session interest in the following areas:

How to help my child that has attention problems.

Resources to help my child in math, reading, writing (separately)

How to get the most out of Skyward and Skyward Access

Strategies for the STAAR Test

Healthy Lives, Healthy Minds (tips for busy families)

How to help my child with special needs

How to help my child with autism


PLEASE HELP IF YOU ARE ABLE (RSVP BELOW). You can team up if you'd like and I will give you the materials and snacks for your session too if you need that.

Family Engagement Night

Wednesday, Feb. 19th, 6-7pm

2505 Waldron Road

Corpus Christi, TX

Please reply to this RSVP if you can help with the Family Engagement Night! Thank you!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

3rd Grade "Structured" Tutorials

I would like to start this. I already have two teachers interested to help with this for 3rd grade. This tutoring would go until 4:30 and is paid. Priority is to the students in the teacher's POD.

If you are a 3rd grade teacher and interested, please let me know. Also, we cannot do this on Mondays and limited on Tuesday and Wednesday. So preferably Thursday and Fridays.

The tutor is responsible for identifying the students and getting permission. This should be for students that are bubble for passing or potential to get to meets. (Should be on reading level)

Black History Month!

Here are some resources for Black History Month. This includes children's literature to read to students. Please look and put some discussions on the importance of Black History Month in your lessons for February. Thank you! (And thank you Ms. Evans, Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Flores, and Ms. Ready for helping with Black History Month.

Black History Month 2020.docx

Summer Professional Development

These look like great workshops. Even if you don't have inclusion, many of you know you get students that struggle and are very below level. These strategies could help in all classes.

Let me know if you'd like me to get a PO for you to attend.

Also, if there other PD in the summer you ever want to go to, just let me know and I will try my best to send you.

From Hoover

Training Requirements-everyone administering tests must complete by March 6th and turn in certificates to Hoover.

The training modules can be found at and address the following topics:

· Module 1: Active Monitoring—explains the expectations for active monitoring and demonstrates how to correctly implement this requirement.

· Module 2: Distribution of Test Materials—familiarizes personnel with common errors made when materials are distributed and offers strategies for preventing these mistakes.

· Module 3: Proper Handling of Secure Materials—addresses the expectations for protecting the contents of secure test materials and presents examples of the risks and consequences of common errors that could result in breaches of security and confidentiality.

Please read all emails pertaining to the writing on-line STAAR and preparing our students for it. Ms. Harms will begin on Thursday Feb 6th at 7:15 in room 117. An updated list will be sent out. Please inform parents and students about this opportunity to practice typing for the writing STAAR test and the benchmark.

Calibration training will be during assigned time on Feb 13th at Central Office.

4th grade teachers with ESL students please meet with Ms. Hoover by Feb 10th to go over testing accommodations for ESL students.

3rd grade teacher with ESL students please meet with Ms. Hoover by Feb 21st to go over testing accommodations for ESL students.

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From Mrs. Villarreal

Teachers, Please send me the names of those students you will be referring for GT testing. It is recommended that you conference about the referral with your partner teacher. Let me know if you want me to test in all subjects or just the subject he/she is most successful. Keep in mind that testing is a two day, all day process. Please keep in mind the test is timed, lengthy, and students will also have to write a composition. Consider the GT character traits I have been sending in the past two briefs before referring.

Teachers, please let me know if you have any students that need to meet with me regarding test anxiety. I have received a few referrals for this and I would like to help our students with some strategies prior to testing.

Thanks to Mrs. Beckwith, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Alvarado, Mrs. Wyrick, Mrs. McPartlin and office staff for all the treats, cards, and signs!! They really made my day!!

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