Designer of the Month


A Little Bit of Laura's Story . . . :)

I am so happy to have Laura and Katie on the team! They were one of our first Mother/Daughter Teams! I admire their willingness to reach out and help others through fundraising and just plain kindness. They are going to go far with O2 for that reason! Thank you, Laura and Katie, for being a great example of generosity to our team! In addition to this feature, look for some Q&A throughout the month with Laura.

When did you begin your O2 journey:

November of 2013

What is your current rank?

Leading Designer

Tell us a little about your family:

Married with 2 kids

When is your birthday?

May 5

Where were you born?


What do you love most about working with Origami Owl?

Interactions with people

Where would you like to see yourself with O2 by the end of 2014?

At least 5 team members and at least $5000 saved for Katie's car and for me to buy me a new used car.

Who is the most influential person in your life?

My grandma Laura was and still is, she passed away 12/2013.

What inspires you?

The fact that I am given a new day everyday and that I can make it as great as I want it to be. It allows me to be a better person. My children inspire me to do my best at being a good mom.

Any hidden talents?

I love to paint

What is a life long goal for you?

To visit Ireland

What is a little known fact about you?

I am OCD when it comes to numbers, words and items being even. GAS PUMPS ARE THE WORST. I know, go ahead and say it, "she's Cray-Cray" lol. I accepted that title a long time ago.

Favorite book?

I'm a series kind of girl and do not have a favorite. I just finished " a woman after Gods own heart" and it was amazing.

Favorite restaurant?

Anything Italian, I'm there baby!

Favorite candy?

Anything with peanut butter or mint

Favorite childhood memory?

Going camping with my family or the beach trips we took to Florida every year.

Thanks for giving us a little insight into your life, Laura! :)