L.E.D. Technology and Skin Diseases

Benjamin Lafarge

What is it?

A L.E.D. (acronym for Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor device that converts electrical energy into light. The first visible-spectrum (red) L.E.D. was developed in 1962 by Nick Holonyak, Jr., while working at General Electric Company. It emits monochromatic light during the passage of an electric current. When the L.E.D. is fed, the electrons move through the semiconductor material and some of them move in a state of lower energy. In this process, the energy “saved” is released as light. L.E.D.s are considered by many as a future technology in the field of general lightning. Indeed, it is estimated that by 2020, L.E.D.s could represent 75% of the market lightning. They are also used in the construction of flat television screens: for backlighting LCDs as the main source of illumination in L.E.D. TVs. !


The company BIOPHOTON had created a device using the L.E.D. technology in order to cure skin diseases through treatment with the TriWings. TriWings is a lighting system used for healing and biostimulation, as well as treating pain and inflammation. !
The device provides high power lighting. The practitioner can set each of the three panels, mounted at the end of an articulated arm, and orient independently to specific parts of the body, skull, knee, arm, etc. The patient does not have to move. This particularity, which is absolutely unique on the market, reduces illumination time.!

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The Main Treatments

Stretch Marks

Triwings is the only systems in the world that can reduce stretch marks. Treatment consists of irritating the stretch mark after prior work on the abdomen, when they are localized at this precise point. Cold light is emitted at specific wavelengths and restores pigment to the epidermis. On reaching the skin, the light releases the pigment reserves which are scattered over the body. You need several sessions, with a weekly maximum of two sessions to achieve a visible result. !
A woman's abdomen is restored to its previous appearance, quite naturally: reduced depth and improvement of the folded aspect. Dr Boisnic's team within the Dermatology and Cosmetology Research Group, has demonstrated a 50% improvement in the skin of stretch marks after 15 sessions, each lasting 20 minutes. This is a first achievement which has been the subject of scientific publications.!

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Anti aging

Cold light triggers subtle modifications. Even if they are not immediately visible, they are felt immediately by the patient from the first session. L.E.D. treatment is used to work on the skin's texture and tone.

The light has the same effect on plants as on humans. It acts on the chloroplast of plant cells by photosynthesis and by oxidative phosphorylation on human cells.

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To Conclude

To conclude, the L.E.D. technology has really been a revolution of the 21s century. It has revolutionized the entertainment field through TVs and lightning and people can take advantage of its benefits in the medical field. Its high efficiency has seduced many professionals and its evolution is still in perpetual progress.

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