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A Weekly Newsletter for Warrior Families and Students

March 29, 2019

Dear Warrior Students & Families,

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness month and we are excited to partner with you to help ensure all of our Warriors are safe. During the month of April, we will be sharing messages and creating opportunities to reinforce the importance of attentive driving. Thank you for partnership!

Across the nation an accident occurs every 28 seconds as a result of distracted driving. We want all of our Warriors to be safe, which is why all month long we will be engaging in activities and communication around increasing awareness. Make sure to check our weekly communication to see what activities your students are engaging in.

Todd Irvine



Please visit the website HERE for all the information regarding graduation. This year, the ceremony will start at 10:30am.

Spring Break!

Spring Break is April 19th-26th this year.

Career Cruising and Career Internship Opportunities

The Muskego-Norway School district is using Career Cruising to help identify potential Career Cluster and future careers of interest within our student body. Career Clusters identify the knowledge and skills students need as they follow a pathway toward their career goals. Clusters can be used during career exploration as a way to find your best career match. Each career cluster includes one or more of 81 career pathways. A pathway is a group of related career specialties within the career cluster.

Through Career Cruising, the Muskego-Norway School District will send our student body exploratory, and Career Internship opportunities. If you would like to see the opportunities that may be available to your child contact Colleen Andrews, administrative assistant at colleen.andrews@muskegonorway.org and she can set you up with with access to this pertinent information.

Suicide Prevention and Mental Health

Suicide is once again in the spotlight after two teens from Parkland, FL died by apparent suicides within the past week. The Student Services Team at MHS would like to remind families that we are here to partner with you. We encourage families to talk openly about mental health and support asking your children direct questions about suicidal thoughts. Please reach out to any of the Student Services Team Members for assistance in building the appropriate supports for your child at school or for assistance in finding community resources.

Preventing Youth Suicide

Jessica Sobczak, School Counselor, A-Di ext. 4514

Christine Knapp, School Counselor, Do-J ext. 4511

Paul Smith, School Counselor, K-Mo ext. 4525

Tiana Fleischmann, School Counselor, Mr- Sc ext. 4527

Susan Schuett, School Counselor, Se-Z ext. 4513

Julia Rutkowski, School Psychologist, ext. 4512

Pam McKeever, School Psychologist, ext. 4524

Jen Gigl, School Social Worker, ext. 4560

Community Open Swim!

With the recently renovated Natatorium at the High School, we are excited to offer open swim every Saturday from 11am-2pm and Sunday from 3pm-6pm. Adults are $5 and students/seniors are $3. If you are interested in hosting a party in our facility, please email tim.gorecki@muskegonorway.org.
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-Congratulations to Katie Van Ruden (English Teacher) for being awarded the Compass award. She was nominated by fellow peers for her work to strengthen the District’s mission of every student learning, growing, and succeeding.

-Congrats to two of our Speech Warriors far earning a 2nd Place trophy in Oratory: Rebecca Hebert, and earning a Finalist Medal in Extemporaneous Speech: Humza Siddiqqi.

-Congratulations to Justin Smith for receiving a Type II Air Force ROTC Technical Scholarship!

-Congratulations to all our art students who showcased their art at the Muskego Public Library last week.

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