A Dog Like No Other.

What is this story about?

This story is about a Golden Labradore who was adopted & named Marley. He was a terror but everyone loved him. Marley was adopted at a young age, his owners are Jhon and Jenny. He would ruin the house and rip the lounge up and dig holes in the backyard. Jenny wants Marley out of the house right away but Jhon on the other hand wants him to stay. Jhon and Jenny ended up having 3 children. As Marley got older he got sick and unfortunatley passed away :(.

Who are the main characters ?

Marley, Jhon, Jenny, Patrick, Colleen and Connor.

Pictures !

What problems or challanges do these characters face ?

They had to face that marley was going to rip up the lounge and destroy the house.

They also had to face the fact that one day Marley was going to die.

What is the climax of the story, when things get the most problematic or exciting ?

The most exciting part is where Marley gets chosen for a movie audition, so he auditoined & he wrecked the whole studio. Jhon and Jenny have to pay thousands of dollars for the damage.

Were there any shocks, twists, turns or surprises ?

It was shocking when Marley wasn't as active and energetic as much as he use to be. Also when Marley's stomach clogged up.

Can you tell us what happened at the end ?

Marley got sick & he had to be shocked to see if his heartbeat was working. He couldn't stay any longer so his body just shut down.

Did you learn anything from this story ?

I learn't that you should love your pets even if they are a terror.