Ulysses S Grant

By: Jake Brantley

Birth/Death Information

Ulysses S Grant was Born on April 27,1822 he would later become one of the most important roles in the Civil War and many other battles. He died of cancer on July 23, 1885 at the age of 63... He died in Wilton, NY


His parents were Hannah Grant and Jesse R. Grant. When he was only twelve years old he became an excellent horseman. He also entered the United States Military Academy at the age of seventeen


As a child Grant was limited to only the most basic subjects. He grew up learning in a very small school, not learning a whole lot, but loved to learn and study about horses and many other things he was interested in

Important life events

Only fifteen days after leaving Ohio, he arrived at West Point for the US Military academy. In 1843 he graduated from West Point as a Second Lieutenant. He also fought in many important wars that he led his troops to be victorious in. later he will be known as one of the best General's to ever live


Ulysses Graduated from West Point in 1843. He ranked 21st in a class out of thirty-nine. He was chosen to be the commander of the North side when the Civil War broke out, and had an very important role in many wars.

Contributions to change

Ulysses S Grant led his troops to victory against the South at the battle of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson. He also led his troops to win at the turning point of the war, The Battle of Vicksburg.

Interesting Facts

Mathematics was his favorite subject growing up. He was very interested in horses and became a great horseman at the age of twelve. He was one of the best students in his group because of his ability to ride a horse.


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