Wilson Weekly

January 29th. 2016

Science Fair

Thank you all for your blood, sweat, and tears shared with our students through the Science Fair process. We've learned a lot from this experience and I am excited to see what next year's fair will bring. I'm looking forward to see what our 5 finalists do at the county fair on February 26th!

<--------This is our number 1 overall science fair project from Ms. Leinthall's class!

Mini-Lessons at Work

After the Link

Ms. Blankenship

After a mini-lesson on text structure Ms. Blankenship's class jumped into workshop stations. In this station the students were taking articles from their weekly's and identifying chronology in several additional articles. This gave the students a great opportunity to apply what they learned and practiced in the mini lesson.

Ms. Cortner

Ms. Cortner's students were collaborating on a text structure activity and applying what they had done earlier in class with several types of text structures. The students in this group discussed each piece of the puzzle to determine what type of text structure was present in multiple texts.


2/2: 1st field trip group to Fernbank. Faculty Meeting at 3:10

2/3: 2nd field trip group to Fernbank. (Ryan will be with this group). ELT Week 3

2/4: Staff Development during planning. ELT Week 3

2/5: Picture Day!

Never Discount the Power of Relationships

Don't Quit on Me: Mini Documentary