LV Technology

By:Ella Chilson

Typing Web

In typing web you are given lessons and the more you progress you make the harder the lessons get. You try to get 3 stars and 100% accuracy. We do it for 5 minutes and the beginning of every class. You start at the intermediate level that had to be 3/4 of the way done before the end of the quarter, when you finish the whole intermediate course you move on to the advanced course.

Carrer Locker

Career Locker is a website that tells us options for our future. Our guidance counselor teaches us about colleges that fit our needs, and are good choices for our career. We also learn about cost of room, tuition, what the difference is from a 2 year to a 4 year college.
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Haiku Deck

The Haiku deck unit was about out dream job. We used career locker to help get information about our dream job. The haiku deck included things like how much it cost for college how much you would get paid and what you did in that job. At the end of the unit we had to present
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Itrailer is on the app Imovie. To make the Itrailer you had to find a topic and get pictures to go with that topic. We could not use pictures from google they had to be you're own pictures. At the end of the unit we had a choice to present or not.
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Coding was on a website called On code you were given assignment or challenges there was also games that you could play. Some of the challenges or assignments were figuring out how many steps you would have to move forward and you would have to lay down blocks to get it to move.
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Explain everything

Explain everything is a presentation or teaching app. The app lets you draw type record insert photos/video etc. We had to chose 1 from 10 math problems teach one of them using the app. Also we had to record our voice. We were not allowed to use the drawing tool on the app.
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