Come to Uganda!

The Most Interesting Country in Africa!

Background on Uganda!

Uganda is usually sunny and reaches above 80 degrees most of the year. Uganda is very fertile and has some of the largest lakes on the entire continent of Africa.

In Uganda you can see lions walking across the Savannah, go rafting down the Nile, see majestic mountains and experience the life and colorfulness of Uganda's customs!


  • Current leader is Yoweri Museveui who has been in power for 30 years.
  • Type of government- Presidential republic; when the president i both head of State and Government. Universal Suffrage for all 18+.

5 facts: 1.) Over 80% of Ugandan citizens live in rural areas and survive off the environment. 2.) National language is English, Swahili, and Hugandan, along with other local languages. 3.) Independence Day is October 9th. 4.) Uganda is known as the "Pearl of Africa". 5.) Uganda is the best producer of bananas, pineapples, and avocados.

  • Faith- Uganda is made up of mostly Christians and Muslims

Fun Facts!

October 9, 1962- Uganda gained independence from British rule.

September 8, 1967- new constitution put into effect, making Uganda a republic.

January 25, 1971- former army private, Idi Amin seizes power, declares himself "President for Life".

April 1979- Tanzania invaded Uganda, unifying various anti-Amin forces under Uganda National Liberation Front (UNFl).

1993- President Museveni restored traditional kings, but with no political power.

May 9, 1996- Uganda holds first presidential election in 16 years.

June 20, 1997- John Akii-Bua, the only gold medal recipient from Uganda, dies. (Only other recipient was Stephen Kiprotich in London, 2012.)

December 2002- Peace deal signed with Uganda National Rescue Front (UNRF) rebels after more than 5 years of negotiations.

May 2003- Uganda pulls last of troops from Democratic Republic of Congo, where tens of thousands of civilians seek safety in Uganda.