Leads 3 Things

2-10 Shift, August Edition

One: 15 Minutes of Fame!

As you know, our Care ModStylists will be modeling some outfits for the September 5th edition of Pittsburgh Today Live. How exciting! Sam's look, styled by Joanna, can be found below: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=95644723

Two: Welcome Home!

2-10's long-lost member, Aimee Ruppen, will be returning to care this upcoming month! You should see her back at her desk (across from Alaina) on the 9th. :)
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Three. Team Holiday!

The 2-10 shift members are all big holiday-lovers, but ironically it was only after naming our team that I discovered this information. Though it's still only August, there's already talk on the 2-10 shift of Halloween decorations and trickery. Nothing like an early start!