By: Wilson Schmidhausler and Ethan Zimmerman


Hermes lived in a small cave in a mountain because he was hiding from Hera. One night, Hermes snuck out after his mom fell asleep and went to Apollo's pasture. Hermes stole fifty of Apollo's cows. He disguised the cows footprints and brought them to the cave. He first killed two of the cows as a sacrifice and hid the others in the woods. He then took the remains of the cows and made an instrument called the lyre. Early the next morning, Apollo stormed into the cave looking for his cows. Apollo chased Hermes out of the cave all the way to Mount Olympus. Zeus made Hermes give back the cows, but when Apollo found out that two were missing he got mad. Hermes then played the lyre and calmed him down. Apollo asked to trade his cows for the lyre, but Hermes gave him a hard bargain. Hermes got the cows and his magic wand. Zeus was so delighted with Hermes that he made him the messanger of the gods.

This is an adventure of the gods myth.

Hermes and Apollo

Hermes is the god of travel, trade, theft, and many more. After this story he became the messager of the gods. Hermes is considered crafty, smart, and a strategist by the olympians.

Apollo is the god of music, oracle, archery, medicine, light, knowledge, and so much more. After this story where he gained the lyre, he became know for playing a golden lyre. He is young, handsome, and had golden hair.