Research about Egypt



Egypt is located on the North East tip of Africa. Bellow the Mediterranean Sea. Right next to red sea. Also, part of Egypt is above the Red Sea.


It is hot in the Summer at day and at night it is cold. Egypt has two primary seasons the hot Summer and mild Winter. Summer last from May to October. The winter last from November to April. There is a time period of 5 days called Khamsin between March and April sandstorms can occur sporadically. Also, is very humid.

culture and beliefs

Egypt has among the among the oldest culture. Also, maintains a complex and stable culture. That has an influence on Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Egyptians believe the pharaoh was decedent of the Gods. Egyptians believed in Afterlife. So, they would wrap the died to preserve the bod y and spirit. Also, Egyptians would make an effort to ensure the survival of the spirits in after death. They also worshiped cats


The Pharaoh owned everything in Egypt. Their were also other people in the government. the highest level is the visor. He told the pharaoh everything. Also, is the highest level in the high court. there were some women who roled Egypt.