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Thank you, thank you, thank you to Lori, Lisa, Christine and everyone else who helped pull of the EOCs last week!


Voc Rehab


Showcase 12:00-2:00


Attendance appeals in AM

Senior sendoff in PM (No parents, right???)


Small Mall 1:00-2:45


Release at 12:50. Walk out with the kids and start your break!


Safe Schools Due

NEE: PDP Mid-Year, Non-Tenured Surveys

Merry Christmas!

Dear Staff,

Another semester in the books. It's hard to believe. In some ways, it seems like the best semester yet (I'm reflecting on personal conversations with kids and the richness of the burst convos that you've shared or I was able to witness). In other ways, it can feel burdensome. The very things that prohibit LA from raging success have nothing to do with our framework, culture, and environment, and more to do with their environment, choices, and trauma that they walk in with every day. But I can get up everyday because of the adults...YOU...who are dead set on figuring out the million dollar question, believe you will, work tirelessly, and love kids without judgement along the way. Pardon the cliche, but you inspire me to be better for them!

Teachers, thank you for pushing me to rethink the nature of my work. My hardest days are the ones where I clock the most hours in the office. Taking my work out of the office has been refreshing, and I have reaped the benefits in relationships. Hopefully, by trying to get out my communication has organically improved, too. (I really do appreciate the feedback you give me each spring.) I hope to build on what has been started this semester.

Now, if you read nothing else here, please focus on this. If you want to continue to be your best for kids, you MUST detach over break. I have alerted technology to suspend Art's email account (j/k), too. You know the airplane analogy....put your oxygen mask on first! Please, take time for yourself and your family. Do not feel guilty from walking away from LA and not thinking about it until the work day. I promise you will be MUCH more productive once you return if you do so! Cherish these two weeks, put the technology up and make memories with some quality time, and I look forward to seeing you all in January!

Headed to Florida (shhh, the kids don't know) to lead by example, lol,


Big picture

Small Mall Coming!


If you took us up on the jeans offer, try to bring your donation in this week!

They shop for LOTS of ages besides themselves, so ANYTHING goes!!

Thanks for making this event a success!!!