Miller Team


Oh, happy day or night,

Your family or friends have earned the right

To kick back, spend time, and have some fun,

To celebrate the work you've done.

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This contest is open to non advisors ONLY (Special incentive for advisors below...)

Three ways to win...

1st~ Top PGV between $1000-2000 wins a pair of movie tickets

2nd~ Top PGV between $2000-2999 wins 4 movie tickets

3rd~Top PGV over $3000 wins 4 movie tickets for family and/or friends and a $50 gift card for treats and popcorn.

Remember the three ways above are open to all non advisors...

Contest runs through October 1 at midnight.

For ADVISORS: Top advisor with the most team volume over $6000 wins 4 movie tickets and $50 gift card toward popcorn and treats. (; ) Every new recruit with an order counts toward your PGV. Share everyday!!!)