Leonardo DaVinci: A Renaissance Win

By, Ian Smith

Expertise at anything

Leonardo DaVinci was a famous person at the age of 16. He became the best at many things in his life including, art, music, and sports. He outranked the greatest of minds and skilled inventors. He was the greatest inspiration the world will ever know! He made the first submarine, plane, tank, and not really an invention but he painted the most famous painting in the world, The Mona Lisa!

Too Cool For School

It was hard for Leonardo as a boy because he could never learn much. He would not go to school, he did not have many books so he had to learn things by himself. Although he did become an Einstein he was not that smart in school. There was no one in Leo's life that cared enough about him to pay for him to go to school so he could not. Nobody cared about him so he did not need education. The thing is, it was important to him!

Wow, The Devil Himself

Out of the people Leo knew, 50 percent of them did not like him. There was his greedy apprentice that would use rude manners, would break things, would scream a lot etcetera. Not the best person around when painting. There was also his neighbor that would let nothing get in the way of ruining his life. One time the neighbor sent him to jail, he ruined the big oil painting for the church, and he accused him of stealing his painting which he knew the truth! Mainly, the devil was his neighbor that did horrible things to Leonardo DaVinci.
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Interesting Life Leo

I think that Leonardo's life is a mystery and that it is best kept a secret. He had amazing inventions that should only be made by him which most of them never were but they are his ideas. They deserve to only be seen by his eyes. Some of them are very dangerous. I think that Leonardo DaVinci had his own life with his own ideas. We have to give him credit for the most important things we use today.

Life Is Long

The greatest lesson I learned from Leonardo DaVinci is that no matter how much you fail, you have to keep on trying. Mistakes are always a new beginning and you can learn from these fails. You just have to figure out how to learn from them. That is what Leo's greatest words were and they still are today.