Ulrick Cherichel

Physical and Chemical properties


Chemical Properties

  • calcium content of augite is a function of temperature and pressure
  • is molecualrly arranged identically with the minerals Diopside and Hedenbergite.

Physical Properties

  • comes in colors varying from Green, grayish-green, greenish brown, dark brown, black
  • has a brittle tenacity

Where and how Augite is mined

The most well-known Augite mining areas are in the Italian volcanoes at Vesuvius (Monte Somma), Stromboli, Etna, and Lazio.

For mining massive amounts of Augite a quarry method is used.The main objective of this method is to crush the rock to for buildings, roadbeds or building-type stones.

Processing Augite

Augite can be proceed by either a quarry which turns Augite in a usable form for construction based purposes or mined by hand in which the mineral is collected and sold on the mineral market


After Augite leaves the quarry it can me sold for construction purposes to individual companies or if it is mined by hand it can be brought to local mineral shops

Present and Past Uses


  • Collection
  • sale


  • Roadbeds
  • Construction of Buildings

Environmental Issues

Because Augite isnt a popularly mined mineral their really isnt much environmental damage caused by mining the mineral


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