Healthy Hair don't care 101!!!

keeping hair healthy one strand at a time

Hair boot camp for African American hair!

Detroit veteran hairstylist and expert Stephanie Anderson will give tips on the proper hair products to use on African American hair, as well as the do's and dont's to maintain healthy hair.

Healthy Hair Don't Care!

Wednesday, Dec. 10th, 11:30am

One of the biggest myths around is that African American hair DOES NOT grow! Wrong! With the proper maintenance (i.e. ends trimmed, hair products, diet), African American hair can and will grow just like any other hair type. Are you an African American woman who has been a believer of this myth and seeks help? We ask that you join us for some of the best tips and techniques around to promote healthy growing hair. This webinar will last approximately 15 minutes.

Hair care tools..

11:30am-11:35:am-What causes hair breakage

11:35-11:40am -Tips for hair growth

11:45-11:50am- Products for healthy hair/maintenance

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