Hoggard News

September 1, 2021

Message from Administration

We have had a great start to the school year. As administration has been doing walkthroughs, students have been engaged and happy to be back in school.

In light of the recent incident at New Hanover High School, we want to ensure that safety is our number one priority. We have four school resource officers that assist administrators with monitoring our campus. Our teachers and other staff members are also assigned duties throughout the day to monitor students' safety.

Please talk to your students about their personal safety. If they hear something and/or see something, have them report it to an adult immediately. Students may also report any concerns to See Something, Say Something and/or Ethix360.

We are aware that some parents/guardians are not receiving the emails/phone calls that are going out. We have recently switched to a new system and are working on fixing this. Please check the school website and/or social media for updates while we work through these issues.

Meet Your Administrators

Events and Daily Announcements

Please check the Hoggard Website for updated events and daily announcements

Dress Code

Please note that all students will have to wear a mask properly when they are in the building and on the bus. Please make sure that you send your student to school with a mask. In addition to masks, we ask that you take the time to review the dress code with your student(s). The board requires that student appearance and clothing comply with the following standards. Upper clothing must cover the chest, from armpit to armpit, and the torso. Straps are required. Lower clothing, specifically dresses and skirts, must extend to the mid-thigh. Shorts or pants must not reveal undergarments or buttocks. Holes/designs in lower clothing must meet the above criteria.

Parent Pickup and Drop Off

Please do not use the stadium entrance in the morning and afternoon as it creates congestion for our buses and students dismissed from this lot. Please utilize the front entrance off of Shipyard Blvd or the side entrance off of 41st Street, between the tennis courts and baseball fields. We understand congestion may be heavy during dismissal and drop-off, please be patient as we try to maintain the safety of all students.

A Note from PTSO

Hoggard’s Parent, Teacher, Student Organization supports the students, teachers & staff of Hoggard High School in various ways, such as teacher grants, student scholarships, academic award recognition, free yearbook(s) raffle & staff appreciation events. 100% of the money donated goes back to Hoggard; zero fundraising by students. This also gives parents an opportunity to Be Involved & Stay Connected at HHS with no other obligations of membership. This will again keep you in the know of contacts, volunteer opportunities, and campus information.

NC Green Power

John T. Hoggard High School was one of 15 schools chosen to receive an educational solar photovoltaic (PV) system from NC GreenPower, a nonprofit whose mission is to expand public knowledge and acceptance of cleaner energy technologies to all North Carolinians through local, community-based initiatives. The 5-kilowatt solar array will come with a weather station, data monitoring equipment, a STEM curriculum from NEED.org, and a training workshop for our teachers. As a bonus, our school may save up to $800 on energy costs each year!

Our school community will have until October 31, 2021, to raise $9,000 to secure up to $24,000 in grant funds and the additional $14,000 in related benefits. The top contributors will receive recognition at the PV system’s dedication event, and donors who give at least $500 will be added to the system’s permanent signage.

We’ll be using https://donate.ncgreenpower.org/team/361302 as our fundraising website, and donations as little as $1 can be made to support our campaign. Donations are also allowed via check. Please make payable to “NC GreenPower” and note our school in the “memo” section. Mail the check to NC GreenPower, Attn: Solar+ Schools, 909 Capability Drive, Suite 2100, Raleigh, NC 27606.

In 2015, NC GreenPower launched Solar+ Schools to install small solar arrays at K-12 schools, enhancing environmental and STEM education. All supported projects are located in North Carolina. For updates and more information, visit www.ncgreenpower.org. All donations to NC GreenPower on behalf of our school’s fundraiser are tax-deductible. If you have the ability to give, please do! Thank you so much for your consideration and for helping our students learn more about renewable energy.

Please visit here to read our full fundraising letter: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14hcQ_sEsebSfp7suPQnpyOJK7X_R9dFNBELBx8F6o6g/edit?usp=sharing