5th Grade Newsletter

Mrs. Cook - Language Arts & Social Studies

We are continuing to study Figurative Language. We will have a quiz Thursday.

Our Social Studies topic will be Slavery in the Colonies. This leads us into talking about tension in the colonies, declaring independence from Britain, and the Revolutionary War.

Scholastic Book Order: Your student may bring home Scholastic Orders from time to time. If you would like to purchase, the easiest way is by going online to: www.scholastic.com/bookclubs and using our class code: MCQ9Z

If online ordering doesn't suit you, you may choose to send a check (made payable to Scholastic). This helps us to earn FREE books for our classroom! :) I will submit the orders at the end of each month. Our next order will be submitted at the end of January.

Ms. Price - Math

Unit 5 Fractions

  • Build other fractions from unit fractions
  • Add like fractions
  • Compare unit fractions with like denominators
  • Apply greater than (>) and less than (<) notation
  • Subtract like fractions and mixed numbers
  • Understand simple algebraic notation for fractions
  • Practice adding and subtracting with like denominators

Accelerated math is homework every night!

Mrs. Young - Science

Science: We will complete our unit on Matter and PropertiesWednesday. Our next unit which is Heat and it will begin on Thursday. The unit will cover the following standards:

NCES.5P.3.1: Explain the effects of the transfer of heat (either by direct contact or distance) that occurs between objects at different temperatures. (conduction, convection, radiation).

NCES.5P.3.2: Explain how heating and cooling affect some materials and how this relates to their purpose and practical applications.

The first lesson will be Thermal Energy and students will: learn how to describe the process of heat energy transfer, describe ways in which heat energy is released, and explain how adding heat energy to matter affects particles of matter.


*Please review updated Bus Expectations and Regulations with your child. Even if your child is not regularly a bus rider. Please sign and return the form. Thanks!

Info for Parents & Students

  • Please be sure to sign your child's planner each night in PEN with your FULL name (no initials). Students need to be proactive by bringing their planner to you with all of their homework listed.
  • Each Friday there will be a conduct grade written into your child's planner. This conduct grade takes into consideration behavior, talking, work ethic (classwork & homework), and how well the 7 Habits have been followed each week.

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