Flashbulb Memory

By: Jeff and Cooper

Why we chose this topic

We've had past experiences with flashbulb memory. We are interested in whats going on and why it happens.

What is Flashbulb memory?

When you remember the details at the exact moment a huge event happened in your life. Ex: Where they were on the day of September 11, 2001
Ex: Who they were with and their location during the Boston bombing
Ex: Troy Elliot punching a wall

The Brain

During flashbulb memory the amygdala is being engaged and the intensity of the event will increases the endocrine response which increases memory, so the more intense an event the higher the likely hood that you will remember it for an extended period of time.

Stroop Experiment

MacKay and Ahmetzanov conducted a study of how and if flashbulb memory really exists. They had ran tests on subjects where they presented words in random colors in different spots on the screen and asked them what they could recall. color, word, place. Then they ran the test again except this time to with vulgar words mixed in with the normal words and asked them what they could remember again. With the words that would cause more excitement being able to be recalled more, aka what flashbulb memories are. Except that test they conducted had the vulgar words only in one corner of the screen. They conducted the test another time with all sorts of words all sorts of colors randomly placed around the screen and then asked them what they could recall and the numbers showed that vulgar words were remembered just as much as neutral words. "So you might not remember what you were wearing on September 11, but you may remember what the weather was like in New York that day, since you repeatedly saw images of the twin towers with a clear blue sky in the background."

Interesting Facts

-You remember vivid memories and pictures for the rest of your life, even though they might not be accurate you will be 100% confident.
-Flashbulb memory can develop at any age.
-also known as vivid memory