December Board & Community Report

East Omak Elementary

December Enrollment: 355

3rd Grade: 126

4th Grade: 101

5th Grade: 128

Attendance Percentages (October 16th - December 7th):

Present: 91.2%

On Time: 98.5%

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December 17th * Via Zoom

3rd Grade @ 5:30 * 4th Grade @ 6:00 * 5th Grade @ 7:00

Zoom Meeting ID: 861 9553 7446

Passcode: music

Holiday Fun at East!

Christmas in 2020 by EOE 5th Graders

Christmas Fun

By Sedina Bell

East Omak Elementary

5th Grade

Mrs. George’s class

“Wake up!” Kate yelled in Jeremy's face. It was a beautiful christmas day and clear white snow was outside their window. “I smell pie” Jeremy said, “that’s because mom made some!” Kate yelled while bouncing around the room. She ran down the stairs not waiting for Jeremy to catch up. “Good morning bed-head,” their mom said. “Morning mom,” Jeremy said as he sat down next to kate. “Who wants to open presents after breakfast?” their mother had asked, “meeeee!” yelled jeremy and kate, they raced each other to the christmas tree and hugged their presents. After they opened their presents, Jeremy and Kate got bundled up in snow gear and put on masks because it was covid. They both walked outside and saw something weird. “Huh?” they both said at once as they saw their father on the roof throwing sanitizer wipes and sanitizer bottles off the roof. “Merry christmas!” their father boomed loudly and fell off the roof into the snow. As the kids laughed,their mom walked out with cookies. “Come on you dorks!” she laughed as their father looked up with his face covered in snow. So they all sat on the snow and ate cookies. Once their mom and dad tucked them into bed,they both agreed on something. Covid may be here but christmas was still fun.


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Sharing is Caring and Kindness is Key! Thank you Kimani!

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A Surprise Winter Playground Pal