Natural Disasters in CA

By: Laurel Newhouse


A volcano is a great natural disaster that can happen when a plate comes from under the water and follows up into uplift and the final product is a volcano. A volcano doesn't always erupt when it first forms, it can erupt anytime it wants, in a few years, tomorrow, or tonight. A volcanic eruption causes people in or near the area of the volcano must flee their home. The lava or magma in a volcano will burn everything it's close to or touches if it touches a human it will burn them immediately and they usually do not live.


Earthquakes are very devastating rubbing and colliding of tectonic plates. One of the first earthquakes was "Pangea" it made the seven continents. In 2010 the Haiti earthquake changed their country. Their whole country was broken, devastated, dead, and with no resources or money to live. The earthquake killed over 1,000 people and many were dramatically injured. But doctors and volunteers from all around the world came to help Haiti is still in deep poverty but is in much better shape then back in 2010.

What is a natural disaster?

A Natural disaster is a natural cause from the Earth itself, a natural disaster causes people to flee their homes or they could die. Some examples of natural disaster is an Earthquake, or a volcano. Natural disaster is something you want to get away from as soon as possible.

It can kill over 3,000 people or animals. Some animals are getting extinct because of natrual disaster. They are one of the most devastating things in the world. In the U.S. We don't have as many disasters as in Central America except for in Hawaii, Hawaii has many volcanoes around it and those volcanoes cause people to flee. Natrual disasters are crazy!!!